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PcwTextEditor is a core text editor application which allows add-ins to easily be coupled for extend its functionality.

At the begining it was tought to be a simple text editor for learning purpose, once development started we noticed the potentiality of add-in and we focused on extensibility. We introduced the 'VIEW' concept which allow us to make any kind of manipulation, for example: A simple text file (.txt) could have only one view, the 'text view', but an xml file (.xml) could have two views, the 'text view' and the 'show view' which presents it in an html way, and a rdl file (.rdl) could have an additional 'design view' for an easy and convenience way to manipulate the file.

All this is thanks to Mono.Addins functionality. People can develop an add-in and plug it into the core application or even plug it into another add-in to extend its functionality.

  • Gtk GUI
    • Runs on .Net and Mono
    • Standalone application
    • Open a GUI from PcwTextEditor.dll (optionally you can pass a Text object. It is convenient if you want to modify text from you application using a Text editor).
  • AddIn application with easy pluggable system for new addins.
  • Localization
  • Basic Text Editor functionality:
    • New, open and save files.
    • Cut, copy and paste text.
    • Undo / Redo
  • Additional Addins:
    • Find and replace text (With regex).
    • Highlighting
    • Xml (xml validation and show view)
    • Mallard editor (for help writing) - See

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